Validation roles for a specific Checkpoint

Resource description

This resource targets the Checkpoint’s roles within a project’s line. The roles are defined for each positions within the company.

Reminder: roles are first inherited from the Company (for the Master Checklist or a given Master Checkpoint), this resource allows to override it at the Checkpoint level (which is a MCP instance within a Project’s line).

For a given position, the most relevant role will be returned. If no roles are returned, it means everything is denied on this CP for the position.

A role can be allowed (granted) or denied. It can also be inherited if it was set at the company level rather than at the CP level.

Resource format

role: {
  id: Integer,
  position_id: Integer,
  position_name: String,
  granted: Boolean,
  inherited: Boolean

GET /api/v1/checkpoints/:id/roles

Retrieve the most relevant role for each position in the company for a project line's checkpoint

GET /api/v1/checkpoints/:id/roles/partners

Retrieve the list of partners and their roles for this checkpoint