Working Days

Resource description

This resource allows you to control the Working Days settings for your company.

Working days are used to calculate the actual duration of your workflows based on the duration of each task in business days.

There are two ways (which can be used together) to use this feature:

  • Set the skip_weekends flag to true, this will automatically skip Saturday and Sunday.

  • Add non_working_days to the company. Those days will be skipped when calculating dates for workflows.

To completely disable this feature, you need to disable the automatic skipping of week-end and delete all the registered Non Working Days.

Resource format

  skip_weekends: Boolean, True = automatically skip the skip the weekends
  non_working_days: {
    id: Integer
    label: String, Name of the non working day, ex: "New year"
    applies_on: String, Date of the non working day (YYYY-MM-DD)

GET /api/v1/company/working_days

List working days configuration