Current logged-in Winddle User

GET /api/v1/user

This service provides most of the available information regarding the currentUser on Winddle

It’s used to initialize Winddle’s main application.

Settings are available at the /api/v1/user/settings endpoint.

Basic information

Most of the information relevant to describe the user can be found at the root of the response:

  • full_name
  • email
  • px40, px75, px150 urls (resized avatars photo)
  • locale (language)
  • default_currency
  • etc.

Information about the user’s company can be found in the company key. position key contains the current position of the user within the user’s own company.

The contact key contains mostly duplicate information regarding the user’s base information, as used in Winddle’s SRM module.


The partners key contain the list of all the direct partners and colleagues of the user. For each of those, similar basic information (name, email, avatars, are provided).

A noteworthy difference is the inclusion of the company_name field which contains a simple string, the partner’s company name.