Easy, online and collaborative supplier relationship management.

Build a central supplier database

Location and contact information, reference documents and other additional data up-to-date and always accessible.

Work closely with suppliers

Save precious time and improve your data quality by allowing suppliers to access Winddle for free and directly provide information.

Clear overview of your relationships

Meetings, calls, audits: review all the past events involving each of your contacts, record minutes and plan new activities.

Winddle SRM screenshot

Simplify your request for quotations

Receive offers to your call for tenders from suppliers based on your own template and compare them directly on Winddle.

Make better decisions

Supplier performance, collaboration history and total estimated cost support you to make the best buying decisions.

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Planning & Tracking

Manage your product development and track your production collaboratively. Free yourself from time-consuming and tedious tasks.

Real time visibility on your activity progress

Dynamic project schedules and personal notifications, among other features, provide the necessary tools for users to manage their work.

Quick access to your portfolio

Keep projects at your fingertips with our powerful search tool and mobile app.

Effortless comments and document sharing

A user-friendly interface to provide feedback and share the relevant documents for your product conception and production follow-up.

Winddle Gantt

Streamline your business processes

A powerful and flexible workflow planning tool to simplify setting up and following your diverse supply processes.

Improve your time-to-market

A daily time saver for your teams and statistics across your whole organization to drive the continuous improvement of your supply chain.

Winddle Statistics

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