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A leading player in the intimate apparel industry (France and Belgium), Rougegorge Lingerie has been developing and distributing refined quality products for more than 20 years. Led by an ambitious corporate plan, Rougegorge places the contribution of its 450 employees and their business partners at the heart of its development strategy.


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Project objectives

  • Centralize information shared throughout the follow-up of import operations , from product development to their warehouse reception
  • Engage directly with external partners (quality controllers, suppliers, logisticians) on the collaborative platform to enhance communication and reduce delays
  • Plan various workflows according to import context (import from Europe/Asia, sea/air transportation...)
  • Get structured reports on supplier performance and deadline completion

Our Winddle offer

  • Tailored for Rougegorge's specific needs with customized project schedules and end-user authorizations
  • Directly replace various follow-up excel files and an overwhelming number of emails
  • Integrated to the existing IT ecosystem, Storeland as the ERP and EDI connections with logistics partners
  • Always up-to-date shared data and automatic deadline updates
  • Easy to use and personalized for each type of user

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How do you get your sourcing managers, logistic team and their external quality controllers, suppliers and forwarders to work together to ensure an up-to-date and optimized purchase order tracking?

As a collaborative platform dedicated to sourcing operations management, Winddle addresses this need.

Integrated with their ERP, Winddle is automatically fed with the new purchase orders that have been validated by the buyers. Follow-up schedules - configured by the Rougegorge team to reflect their different business processes - are also automatically assigned to the orders according to their characteristics.

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All the supply chain partners can access the information in real-time and get personal reminders and alerts related to their specific roles.

For instance, suppliers notify Rougegorge team of production completion, inspection booking and product handover to carriers. Every comment and import document (quality report, packing list, bill of lading…) is directly shared by the concerned partner on Winddle.

For every purchase order in progress, sourcing and supply chain teams can therefore track progress in real-time, access updated information, and easily pinpoint delays or bottlenecks. Reports are automatically generated to help Rougegorge analyze their supply chain performance and identify levers for improvement.

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Aude Van Cauwenberge

« Winddle's user-friendly interface and process automatization allow us to save valuable time on administrative tasks. It helps us to foresee delays and react quicker. »

- Aude VC, Sourcing Manager, Rougegorge
Florent Plonquet

« A flexible and technically mature solution that we integrated easily into our existing IT infrastructure. Winddle is able to keep up with our growing and changing needs. »

- Florent P, IT Director, Rougegorge

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