Winddle VALUE PROPOSITION for ENGENEERING & construction

Increase the visibility on your logistics flows and secure the delivery of your clients' projects

Winddle simplifies the daily collaboration between your supply chain teams and partners with real-time visibility on your supply chain flows, shared and structured info. Better anticipate any critical event that may affect the timeliness of a project and make the difference in a highly competitive market.
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Benefits for Engeneering & Construction

Simplify your purchasing and transport flows management

All the players of your supply chain are connected on a unique collaborative platform to manage the operational monitoring of your purchasing and transport flows, in direct connection with your IT systems. Your teams gain in daily productivity and performance.

Rely on a unified solution to manage various logistics flows

Machines, materials, human equipment... the logistics flows of a customer project are various and so are their follow-up process. Winddle's simple configuration ensures unified management of all your specific flows. 

Maximise your customer satisfaction

With real-time visibility on expected deliveries, project managers are more proactive and in control of their operations. Better and more quickly informed, they optimize planning of operations and respecting deadlines, for optimal customer satisfaction

Objectively measure the performance of your supply chain

By structuring the monitoring of purchase orders, Winddle makes the information exchanged between stakeholders more reliable and generates objective reports. Thanks to precise and configurable indicators, you can easily evaluate your supplier service rate and the overall performance of your supply chain.
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The business expertise and flexibility of the Winddle platform made the difference. We were looking for a solution that could cover and harmonise the wide variety of operational processes and flows, while responding to the specificities and supply chain challenges of our industry.
Eric Bouret - Purchasing Director

How Winddle brings value to your supply chain performance?

productivity gains in the daily monitoring of logistics flows
timemore upstream visibility for project managers
control of logistics costs

Winddle helps you live up to your CSR commitments !

Discover our automatic carbon emissions calculator: Carbon Impact Tracking!
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