Winddle VALUE PROPOSITION for Freight Forwarders

Secure your transport plans and optimize customer satisfaction

Integrate purchase order management with transport management to gain visibility on operations before shipment and increase operational efficiency and coordination of your teams at origin.
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Benefits for Freight Fowarders

Streamline your processes
at origin and destination

Winddle centralises up-to-date purchase orders data & documents, accessible to your operational teams, customers and their suppliers to optimize administrative exchanges and operational validations. 

Get visibility prior to the booking and optimize transport organization

With extended visibility on the detailed planned suppliers deliveries, Winddle improve your ability to secure transport capacities, optimize consolidation and meet your customers' expectations. 

Reduce express transports,
roll-overs and transport costs

New ability to anticipate suppliers activities and customers business priorities will ensure to optimize transport costs and execution. 

Bring end-to-end PO & article
to your customers

Extend your customer service with integrated collaborative PO management to your transport service offer to bring more value to your customers.
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Integrating supplier order management into our customer platform allows us to differentiate our service offering by aligning with our customers' needs for end-to-end visibility and agility.
Frédéric Serra - Director of Information Systems

How Winddle brings value to your supply chain performance?

productivity for the teams at origin
of extra transport costs for your customers (demurrage, use of express services, etc.)
anticipation capacity on maritime bookings

Driving Freight Forwarders' customer satisfaction through Collaborative Purchase Order Management

In this white paper, we review the operational and strategic benefits of this approach and its strong added value in the level of service provided to shipper customers.