The Winddle value proposition for industry players

Secure your production plan and improve your customer satisfaction

Adopt a proactive stance on your supplier deliveries monitoring to secure your supply chain and efficiently manage potential delays, quantity discrepancies or other issues. 
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Benefits for Industry

Improve the productivity of your operational teams

Help your teams save valuable time by automating and simplifying the day-to-day purchase order monitoring processes.

Increase the visibility on your purchasing flows and secure your production plan

From order validation to factory delivery, streamline your day-to-day suppliers collaboration, and rely on up-to-date and detailed information to organize your operations.

Optimize your stock management

With extended visibility on the operational execution of your purchase orders, adjust efficiently your stock levels and optimize your cash management. 

Monitor your suppliers service level rates

Access objective and structured data on your suppliers operational perfomance (OTD, OTID, leadtime, costs...) to identify performance levers and drive your action plans.
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Why digitalize the monitoring of your supply chain management?

In this white paper, we discuss what an agile and collaborative management of supply chain flows monitoring will bring to the different profiles in your organization : from operational teams to supply chain directors, to IT departments, finance departments and supply partners.

How Winddle brings value to your supply chain performance?

productivity for your
operational teams
on extra transport costs
more reactivity to face suppliers deliveries issues
For industrial supply chains, there is a real opportunity to prepare for future shocks and build resilience by increasing their ability to anticipate and manage disruptions
Thomas Baumgartner - Senior Partner