19 november 2020
(French language)

How does Zadig & Voltaire optimise the monitoring of its supply flows?

Too many supply organisations fail to effectively coordinate their teams, service providers and IT systems, and have real-time, end-to-end control and visibility. 

The multitude of production sites, suppliers or products, the variation in related processes and the stakeholders involved, quickly lead to a certain complexity in the management and monitoring of supply flows.

Zadig & Voltaire has decided to digitalise its supply flows by choosing Winddle, a collaborative platform for monitoring supplies.

In this webinar, Nicolas Gand, COO Zadig & Voltaire, shares his experience and talks about the :

  • Needs identified in its supply chain
  • Main project evaluation criterias
  • Key success factors
  • Benefits of Winddle implementation
  • Best practices for effective change management for business teams
  • Gains in agility, efficiency and global performance

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