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Winddle offers new features to optimize suppliers and transport invoices management

Winddle offers new features to optimize suppliers and transport invoices management

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Emilia Jevakhoff
Winddle offers new features to optimize suppliers and transport invoices management

Efficient processing of suppliers and transports invoices requires visibility into the operations details and a seamless coordination between business and administrative teams. To meet this dual challenge and help Supply Chain organizations to better control their invoicing process and supply chain costs, Winddle is adding two new add-ons to its platform: Supplier Invoice Management and Forwarder Invoice Management.

“Our mission is to simplify and accelerate all daily operational supply chain flows, from the validation of the order to its delivery. We have noticed thanks to our customers and many supply organizations that beyond collaboration on orders and deliveries, invoice management remains a sticking point” explains Emilia Jevakhoff, CEO of Winddle.

Indeed, the invoice is a key point in the service provider relationship, since it involves the procurement and supply teams for validations and the accounting department in charge of invoice processing.


“Because this process involves both operational and administrative functions, we observed that invoice tracking often creates bottlenecks in business processes, with difficulties in managing the reconciliations. In many organizations, we still find invoices being managed in paper format, passed from one desk to another with a “Passed for payment” note”.

Winddle’s Supplier and Forwarder Invoice management add-ons, are the result of several months of development with business users, making the tracking of supplier and transport invoices more fluid and reliable.


How do the add-ons work?

Supplier Invoice Management

It enables customers to make the supplier invoice verification process more reliable and to optimize it by directly involving them. They can create their bills (reference, cost details and related shipments, attached documents, etc.) through a simple and dynamic process: during the declaration process, the supplier is alerted to potential inconsistencies and can only submit valid invoices to the customer.


Invoices are processed in record time, thanks to a status tracking and alert system, shared between operational teams, suppliers and sometimes the accounting system.


This add-on provides greater reliability, transparency of supplier relations, and valuable time savings for procurement teams and financial services.


Forwarder Invoice Management

It works on the same principle, but also integrates the specific features of transport operations: tariffs that can be negotiated according to variable format tariff tables, invoices integrating various services (from simple freight, to variable palettisation costs or demurrage), on different perimeters.


It is not unusual for a maritime transport service to give rise to more than one invoice, with costs per shipment invoiced by the forwarder and others that may be invoiced monthly by the shipping company for example,” stresses Emilia Jevakhoff.

In a simple way, Winddle enables to model all the tariffs negotiated with the various transport service suppliers (regardless of formats and criterias of grids), as well as all types of costs invoiced for transport (freight, issuing of BL, palletisation etc.). On this basis, the solution enables a supply manager to precisely estimate the invoiced costs, to automatically transmit it to the concerned supplier, who can upload the corresponding invoice and declare the different invoiced amounts. The automatic identification of deltas between theoretical and actual costs, alerts and related statuses provide more control on the invoice processing.


Beyond the speed of processing, costs are kept under control!

As always in the Winddle approach, daily collaboration and data structuring are thought as a whole: these two add-ons therefore allow, in addition to simplified monitoring, real-time availability of key indicators on the amounts incurred on the various cost lines involved, the deltas between theoretical and actual costs… a key element for leading discussions with partners and improving Supply performance.


The add-ons are already being used by several of the platform’s customers, and the Winddle roadmap includes additional functional enhancements for them, in order to deliver even more value to Supply Chain organizations in Retail, Luxury and Industry.

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