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Optimize tracking of your supplier orders for an efficient and sustainable supply chain

From order validation to final delivery, simplify and secure the entire administrative and operational follow-up of your flows to gain efficiency and anticipation capacity

supplier gateway

Operational and strategic benefits for your supply chain

Improve your teams' productivity

From warehouse delivery to order approval, Winddle automates and simplifies your supply chain tracking processes, improving operational efficiency

Ensure seamless tracking of information

Our platform provides real-time visibility of operations and instantly alerts all relevant parties of any changes or updates, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal workflow execution

Optimize the activities of your Supply & Retail teams

With our platform, you can monitor deliveries in real-time not only for your supply teams, but also for your customer service teams, including warehouse staff, sales representatives, and retail representatives

Improve the supply chain performance

The native structure of data provided by our platform allows you to automate and systematize the follow-up of performance indicators. Objectively manage your sourcing strategy and challenge your partner relationships

Up to

weeks of additional visibility for Retail / Sales teams

On average

productivity gains on the daily monitoring of supplier flows

Up to

in supply costs (demurrage, disputes, express shipping, etc.)

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Simplify the collection and distribution of traceability and recyclability information

This new module allows fashion brands to easily and collaboratively meet the requirements of the AGEC law

Discover the Environmental Impact Module

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The Director of Operations at Zadig & Voltaire discusses the use of Winddle to simplify and structure the monitoring of their import and supplier flows.

In his presentation, he describes the organizational problems, the steps of implementation, and the results measured in the project.

Webinar Zadig & Voltaire