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Visibility of upstream flows and coordination of actors before transport booking are key

In ensuring your meet your customers’ needs and optimize your quality of service


Secure your transportation plans and optimize customer satisfaction

Give more visibility to your customers

Winddle empowers you to provide your customers with unparalleled real-time and detailed visibility on the operations you manage, elevating your value proposition and setting you apart from the competition

Simplify the tasks of operators

Winddle centralizes and updates data in real-time, reducing manual exchanges with your customers and suppliers, resulting in more reliable information to optimize your transportation organization

Optimize your transportation costs

Improve control over unexpected challenges and optimize your transportation flows to minimize additional costs associated with emergency and unforeseen shipments

Secure your transportation flows and optimize your service rate

By having real-time insight and being able to quickly adapt to changes, you can optimize your transportation flows, make timely decisions and consolidations, meet deadlines, and minimize losses in your activity

Up to

of productivity for the sourcing teams

On average

in additional transportation costs (demurrage, litigations, express shipping, etc.)

Up to

days of anticipation capacity on maritime bookings


They trust us

Simplify the collection and distribution of traceability and recyclability information

This new module allows fashion brands to easily and collaboratively meet the requirements of the AGEC law

Discover the Environmental Impact Module

To go further

Discover how integrating a collaborative PO management solution like Winddle with a carrier TMS simplifies daily operations for transport organizations, and improves customer service

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