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"Winddle brings unique flexibility and agility, crucial for our time-to-market
and ultimately for our brand’s success."

Sylvain Cheret, Supply Chain Director of the French fashion brand, Jennyfer

Improve operational productivity

Embrace digital management.
Set the market’s new productivity standards.

  • High-value automatization of repetitive and tedious tasks.
  • One clear channel of communications powering all business lines.
  • Smart management for swift operational prioritization.
« Winddle's user-friendly interface and process automatization allow us to save valuable time on administrative tasks. It helps us to foresee delays and react quicker. »
Aude Van Cauwenberge | Sourcing Manager, Rougegorge

Engage on the path to supply chain performance 4.0, with data-driven decisions.

  • Precise monitoring of lead-time, product quality and sourcing cost impacts
  • Objective and action-ready insights on key performance drivers
  • Up-to-date suppliers’ scorecards, completed with accurate collective historical data
« Today new big data analytics platforms are transforming perceptions into reality. Those who have tried this holistic approach have observed their supply chain efficiency increase dramatically. Winddle is a sophisticated platform that can help you to achieve your efficiency goals. »
Roger Crook | Ex-CEO at DHL Global Freight Forwarding
Get overall visibility

We are experts in the retail supply chain. And trusted by formidable brands.

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Lead-time improvement
+25% Sourcing cost efficiency UP TO
Operational productivity increase

Grow your competitive edge with Winddle.

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Major suppliers, quality inspectors and freight forwarders already joined Winddle’s ecosystem,
contributing from the product brief to the warehouse.

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