Collaboration with your sourcing partners made easy.

Winddle is a turnkey, modern and collaborative solution to manage product development and sourcing operations for the retail and consumer goods industries.

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Break silos, welcome collaboration

From product conception to warehouse delivery, sourcing projects involve numerous parties from different departments or even different companies. Quality issues and delivery delays are often caused by lack of transparency and poor communication.

Winddle provides a platform for all your partners - even external ones - to access relevant information and provide theirs. Communication is both easier and more on point.

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Control time-to-market and products quality

Define, streamline and automate your product development and production follow-up processes. Winddle helps you focus on whats relevant.

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Drive your supply chain performance

Have clear data and statistics at your fingertips for better supply chain management. Analyze your average lead-time, delivery delays and other KPIs to pinpoint areas for improvement.

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How does Winddle make your life easier?


  • Central referential for supplier data
  • Simplified communication between partners
  • Easy access to essential documents
  • Configurable validation workflow
  • Manage requests for quotations
  • Track supplier events and activities

Planning & Tracking

  • Collaborative planning management
  • Project portfolio overviews
  • External partners participation
  • Share feedback, documents, data, etc.
  • Powerful and configurable business workflows
  • Real time reporting and satistics
Winddle mobile application
Aurélien Rasschaert

« We've chosen Winddle for its usability, its simplicity and its precise understanding of the textile industry’s needs. Communication with our import partners has been simplified and is more straightforward. »

- Aurélien R, Supply Chain PM, Rougegorge
Florent Plonquet

« A flexible and technically mature solution that we integrated easily into our existing IT infrastructure. Winddle is able to keep up with our growing and changing needs. »

- Florent P, IT Director, Rougegorge
Fabrice Pierre

« A very good tool to manage product sourcing projects and supplier relation. Winddle’s user friendliness and flexibility ensure a quick adoption with minimal effort to satisfy every customer’s unique needs. »

- Fabrice Pierre, PLM retail offer manager, AFG Conseil

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