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White papers & Guides

A digital and agile supply chain to support the demands of retail

Discover how an agile Supply Chain is a crucial foundation for providing optimal customer experience in the Retail sector.

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Why digitalize the monitoring of your supply chain management?

Discover the benefits of digitalizing your supply chain tracking for every stakeholder.

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Driving freight forwarders’ customer satisfaction through collaborative PO Management

Discover how integrating a collaborative PO management solution into a TMS simplifies an organization's daily operations and improves its customer service rate.

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Checklist for supply chain order tracking (co-created with Supply Chain Media)

Discover a concrete checklist to assess your Supply Chain organization's maturity regarding execution of supply chain flows and define a tailored action plan.

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[FRENCH] A digital and agile supply chain to support E-commerce demands

Jean-Baptiste Clouard, CEO of Flowlity, and Emilia Jevakhoff, CEO of Winddle, discuss how to meet the demands of online sales and consumers, including optimizing inventory and executing supply chain flows.

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Which solution for a resilient supply chain when uncertainty is the new standard?

COVID-19 and political tensions have disrupted international logistics flows. Learn how to cope with uncertainty with an agile logistics strategy in a webinar with Emilia Jevakhoff and Safa Chhab (Head of Operations & Supply Chain at KPMG).

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[FRENCH] How is Zadig & Voltaire optimizing its supply chain tracking? 

Zadig & Voltaire's Director of Operations discusses the implementation of Winddle to simplify and structure the monitoring of their supplier and import flows. He concretely shares the problems of the organization, the steps of implementation, and the benefits measured on the project.

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[FRENCH] Solutions for measuring and reducing the Environmental Impact of your supply chain

During this webinar, Camille Le Gal, CEO of Fairly Made®, and Emilia Jevakhoff, CEO of Winddle, share their market vision and present practical solutions to support fashion brands with their CSR challenges.

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